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  • Home Energy Projects

    It’s now easier than ever for homeowners to reduce energy consumption and cut costs through home energy projects. If you’re looking to take control of skyrocketing energy bills, a variety of practical techniques are handy at homeowners’ disposal for reducing home energy consumption. The solution to saving energy could be as simple as properly maintaining heating and cooling systems, switching light bulbs or installing weather stripping. These simple yet effective cost-saving measures maximize your home’s energy potential and can oftentimes go unnoticed until it’s time for a renovation, remodel or improvement.

    Weatherizing, energy efficient lighting and insulation are all great examples of home energy retrofits that are simple enough to do and represent excellent value for a minimal investment. Putting a plug on costly energy leaks can increase your home’s energy performance and ensure that you’re feeling comfortable throughout the seasons.

    Residents can complete these energy retrofits during an interior renovation, garage/utility, exterior or security project – just ask the Paso Robles Handyman about ways to save energy on your next home improvement or green remodeling project! Paso Robles Handyman is pleased to custom-tailor home energy projects for every homeowner’s budget and will evaluate your home to find ways to maximize energy efficiency. If you’re looking to create a sustainable home, consider the following small-scale renewable energy projects:

    Home Energy Projects

  • Insulation
  • Weather Stripping
  • Furnace Filters
  • Water Filters
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Heating/Air Thermostat Control
  • Water Heater Maintenance