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    We know it’s hard to complete all of your handyman projects! So we’re here to help! Paso Robles Handyman helps get your “to-do” list done so you can relax and enjoy the outdoor features and amenities of your home! We install fences and gates and repair the ones that need attention. Adequate fencing and gates provides security and privacy. Decks are the center of outdoor living. Paso Robles Handyman repairs decks and adjoining stairs, paints decks and stains decks. Does your patio or deck cover need a facelift? We can repair or replace your patio cover. Surprise the kids with a new backyard play set! We’ll assemble it and secure it in place!

    The exterior of every home should have effective security lighting. Installing motion sensors, flood and security lights will protect your home or business from suspicious activity. Paso Robles Handyman cleans the leaves and debris from downspouts and gutters and repairs the wood rot that causes gutters to sag. While termite damage is preventable, it is common in many homes. We repair termite damage and finish it with the proper prep, prime and paint. Small but important handyman projects include installing or tightening handrails, a new mailbox, awnings, masonry, stucco repair and exterior weather proofing.

    We also service mobile homes by repairing or replacing skirting, fascia and flashing. Paso Robles Handyman is committed to taking care of their customers; regardless of the size of the job! We’ll get it done on time at a reasonable price!

    Face it, if you were going to do it, it would have been done by now!

    Handyman Projects in "Exterior"

  • All Types of Fencing and Gates
  • Deck Construction and Repair
  • Deck Cleaning and Staining
  • Stair, Steps and Handrails
  • Patio Cover Construction
  • Play Set Assembly
  • Shed Construction and Repair
  • Pet Housing
  • Entryway/Front Door Install and Repair
  • Porch Repair and Replacement
  • Screen Installation
  • Doorbell Installation and Repair
  • Mailboxes
  • Gutter and Downspout Installation and Repair
  • Awning Installation
  • Window A/C Installation
  • Security Lighting
  • Exterior/Outdoor Lighting
  • Motion Sensors
  • Masonry and Stucco Repair
  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Termite Damage Repair
  • Mobile Home Skirting Repair and Replacement
  • Flashing and Fascia Install and Repair